Stained Concrete

Concrete stain penetrates below the surface, creating a durable and long-lasting rich color that requires minimal care to stay like new.



Stained concrete flooring is a great option to choose for just about any home or business.

While many of our customers are content with simply polishing a plain concrete floor without any coloring, adding a concrete stain can be a great way to liven up the decor of any space.

Stained Concrete FAQ

Staining offers a wide array of color options: everything from earth tones to vivid colors. Colors can be customized by diluting or blending with other shades.

Just like with colors, your options are nearly limitless. We can make your concrete look like wood, stone, or marble. You can go with a single color, or add a rainbow of different colors and patterns. You can choose gloss or matte. Let us know your ideas!

Yes! We can take any concrete slab and transform it by refinishing and staining it. Even if your concrete surface is cracked, chipping, or has any other damage, we can repair and stain it. In fact, repairing it before staining it is a critical step.

No. In fact, stained concrete is often one of the lest expensive options you have. Most of the time, stained concrete is more affordable than other flooring options such as wood or stone.

Absolutely! Stained concrete is an option, but we recommend epoxy coatings for garage flooring.