Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a mechanical grind and polish process that utilizes industrial diamonds, impregnating hardeners and sealers to level, densify, polish, and seal concrete flooring.

Polished concrete floors typically exceed OSHA regulations for slip and fall resistance.



In addition to being very cost effective, polished concrete floors offer very little downtime for installation (usually 1-2 days) and are immune to issues that plague other flooring systems, like vapor and moisture.

Concrete floor polishing is a one-time process that does not require any maintenance or renewal. Not to mention, they offer the longest lifespan of any other flooring option.

Add a Splash of Color

Your polished concrete floor doesn’t have to be boring!




Forest Green

Slate Blue

…and many more colors to choose from!

* All colors are a visual representation only. Actual colors may vary.